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Determined Sam
I've begun volunteering with the rescue group that runs the adoption room at my local Petsmart. I talked to a potential adopter for one of the cats yesterday, and they came back today and took the cat home. This is the first adoption since I started volunteering.

The cat they adopted is a beautiful 8-year-old boy who's either purebred or partial Maine Coon. His name is Thomas, although they may change it.

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OMG, I would want him too.

This is awesome. YOU are awesome.

He's a stunningly beautiful cat. He was a bit reserved in terms of personality, but I think that was the stress of the cat-room environment. I think (hope) he'll turn into a lap cat once the adopters have had him for a couple of days.

I really enjoy the volunteering, which is primarily cleaning cages and litterboxes, brushing/petting cats, and talking to the people who stop by the cages to look. I spent 5+ hours there on Saturday and another few hours today. The cats are all awesome and deserve great homes.

A mom and her two kids stopped by yesterday on their way out of the store. They had just taken their two 4-week-old kittens to the Banfield vet. They told me that there are a lot of feral cats/kittens at their apartment complex, and they had found one of the kittens in the street, tried to return him to his mom, and then took him in when the momcat refused to take care of him. The next week, they found the other kitten (his brother) abandoned as well and took him in. They'd never taken care of kittens that young before, but they looked up info on the internet, got kitten formula, and proceeded to bottle-fed those kittens every two hours. Now the kittens weigh over a pound apiece and are pretty healthy, and the family is going to keep them. The mom has also been feeding and making little shelters for the feral colony, and she talked a neighbor into taking two more kittens that they found. I pointed her toward a local organization that has info on TNR (trap-neuter-return) and will spay/neuter ferals for just $15 apiece.

People like that who go out of their way to learn how to help defenseless creatures just because it's the right thing to do make me feel better about the world.

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