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Twelve percent of a moment
Determined Sam
I saw Avengers tonight. I liked it a lot, and there are a lot of very funny bits in the movie. But I may have been the only person in the theater to LOL upon noticing that in every scene, Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts) is barefoot. I assume that was someone's way of acknowledging that yes, having her totter around in four-and-a-half-inch heels in the Iron Man movies was just ludicrous.

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Yeah, but why did they stick her on those stilts for the Iron Man movies and not for this one? Maybe Joss sympathizes with RDJ over the height thing.

Apparently, RDJ stands to make $500 million for Avengers. Maybe he sacrificed an extra $10 mil or so to have Paltrow be barefoot. In the sequel, he'll probably pay to have Chris Hemsworth's legs shortened or something.

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