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Easter PSA: Lilies are toxic to cats
Determined Sam
Happy Easter or Passover, if you celebrate either!

A quick word of caution to cat owners regarding Easter lilies: Most varieties of lilies, including day lilies, are highly toxic to cats. Ingesting even a tiny amount of any part of a lily (or even drinking the water the lilies are in) can cause kidney failure. Signs of kidney damage can show up anywhere from an hour or two to a week after ingestion.

My neighbor's cat nibbled on an Easter lily a few years ago, started to show signs of illness within a few hours, and survived only because my neighbor got her to the vet very quickly. The lily did lasting damage to her kidneys, and she still receives subcutaneous fluids twice a week to help keep her comfortable as the disease progresses.

So...don't bring lilies into your house if you have a cat, and don't give lilies to cat owners.

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