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BoyCat update: Good vet report!
Determined Sam
After our troubled visit to the cardiologist earlier this month, I was dreading BoyCat's follow-up visit this past week.
After consulting with the cardio and the criticalist who treated him while he was there, we developed a plan to minimize the stress and noise for this visit:
--cover his carrier with a towel
--leave him in the car while I check him in at the usually noisy front desk
--meet a vet tech at the car, who will carry him in a side door...
--and take him straight to an isolated, quiet exam room.

So we put our plan into action on Tuesday, and the results were very positive: He didn't stress out in the car or at the hospital. Even better, the cardiologist declared that he sounded like a different cat because his lungs were so much clearer. (He also was apparently friendly enough with her and the vet tech to give them headbutts.) And best of all, his bloodwork actually showed a decrease in BUN and creatinine (these values indicate how well the kidneys are moving toxins out of the body) since his previous visit. His BUN is still above normal range and probably always will be due to the Lasix, but his creatinine dropped all the way down to high normal.

So the clearer lungs mean that the Lasix is doing what it's supposed to, and the decent kidney values mean his kidneys are tolerating the current Lasix dose well. Those two things are crucial to extending his lifespan and maintaining a good quality of life.

He's still vomiting occasionally right after he eats, but as long as he's eating and his bloodwork and lungs are as good as they are, the vets aren't very concerned. To make sure his meds stay down, I withhold food from him for about 90 minutes before and after he gets his meds. He's not pleased with me about it, but so far it's working.

All in all, a good Christmas gift. 

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Hooray. I'm so glad he's doing better. What a nice Christmas present.

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